Agnes Fohn Photography.
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The Boudoir from the Lens of Agnes Fohn 8/19/2011
Friday August 19th at 10PM

Cin-M-Art Space
43 Murray Street
(between Church & W. Broadway)
New York, NY

Please come join us for an evening of great art and music!

Featuring the amazing music of Beaumont!

The Boudoir: Photographs from the lens of Agnes Fohn:

Through the years, Agnes has been fascinated by the private moments. The quiet moments. The moments few get to see. In a society where sexuality washes over us like an untamed river of exploitation, there is something different in these moments caught by her lens. There is suggestion. There is sensuality. There is imagination.

Agnes brings to you natural beauty. Beauty not made by a doctor's hand or shaped by consumer reports. In a world where honesty is an unfortunate rarity; these photographs are, if nothing else, honest.