Agnes Fohn Photography.
Brought to America from communist Hungary at the age of four by artist parents, a dream filled journey lay ahead. From oppression hope grows. So it
was that her parents would plant their seed with Agnes. Raised to see the world with limitless perception and empathy, it is no accident that she would become an artist.

Realizing Agnes' continued curiosity with photography, her parents gifted Agnes with a 35mm Minolta when she was fifteen. A medium used by many but mastered by few would be her way of interpreting the world around her.

Through the years, Agnes has been fascinated by the private moments. The quiet moments. The moments few get to see. In a society where sexuality washes over us like an untamed river of exploitation, there is something different in these moments caught by her lens. There is suggestion. There is sensuality. There is imagination.

To Agnes, photography is a unique art form that requires exquisite attention to detail. She embraces those details and stops at nothing to capture them in their purest form. Every photograph is an extension of herself and the way she perceives the world. With a combination of honesty and passion, Agnes brings out the true depths of her subjects and brings them into a new light.